Presented Videoclip

Jay-roc & Jakebeatz - Warning - Point blank breaks


We proudly present the first videoclip release taken from the upcoming album POINT BLANK BREAKS by Jay-Roc & Jakebeatz. The video was shot in Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil). The B-Boys featured in the clip are NOVO MUNDO BREAKERS from CAPAO REDONDO, VILA FUNDAO (Sao Paulo) and DA VILA CREW:

B-Boy Naldo, Twoel, Preto, Rico, Leandro, Jota, Movie Style and Basel City's own Jay-Roc. 

Produced by Thomas Hof (Jakebeatz), directed by Boris Jacot (Jay-Roc) for PW Films,Music produced by Thomas Hof (Jakebeatz), co-produced by Boris Jacot (Jay-Roc) for PW Records.