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Power to the B-Boyz Album

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Jay-Roc N’ Jakebeatz are back with another B-Boy Music Album and a brand new live Showcase! The New „Power to the B-Boyz and B-Girlz“ Tour Show includes B-Boying, The POWER TO THE B-BOYZ Album feat KRS-ONE has a clear Message: “B-Boyz don’t put’ em in the Background, put’ em in the Front!“ It’s a Movement!

2009 Dominance Records


The B-Boy Hustle Album

This Jay-Roc N’ Jakebeatz Album is a World Permiere! For the first Time a B-Boy releases a Solo Album in cooperation with a Producer. The Underground Hit Single "ONE" counts more than 3 Million plays on The Album also features Remixes of "ONE" featuring Koatic Concrete. This Album is more than music, it is history in B-Boy Music.

2007 Dominance Records


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